​​​​​​​Hidden Miracles Art​​​​​​​

by Debbie Lemke

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Hidden Miracles Art:

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Meet Debbie Lemke, an amazing new artist in Wausau WI. Debbie is the owner and creator of Hidden Miracles art, which began with just a simple expression of insight from a place that could only have been divinely delivered.  

​​​​​​​As Debbie started working on her front step one day with a canvas and a few art materials that are now the tools of her trade, she was astonished to find that “Miracles” were unfolding in her painting. Thinking it was a “fluke”, she created a few more paintings and was once again astonished at what was emerging on her canvases!

Before her eyes were angels, hearts and many other Heavenly helpers.  “So many spiritual figures were appearing in the pictures” - Debbie chose the title Hidden Miracles Art because each piece is completely unique and unlike any other. “When you look at my finished creations you'll no doubt your own Angelic Helpers, Guides, Saints and Heavenly Entities in the painting you take home. Some people see butterflies, dragonflies, feathers, fairies, pets, images that speak to them.  “I never try to paint particular figures, yet they just emerge on their own, exactly as they are meant to, so that each painting is perfect for the individual who buys it.”  She credits her abilities to Spiritual Inspiration and wants every painting she sells to go to those who enjoy being inspired just as she is inspired when she creates each piece. 

Debbie also has a line of inspiration cards for kids and teens (and anyone else who wants kind words of encouragement) called U Rock for Kids!